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is the White Mountain


Jerith (Jeri the Hobbit)

  Sdoirm (Stormbringer)  

Johnny Androgyny

has yet to reach the age of ascension. (DOB: 1956) She is the youngest, the naive, the "transparent". An American elf of German-Irish descent. (Yes, we know that there is no such thing as hobbits, except in Tolkein's world.)

  is an Irish elf, commonly known as a Highland Kicker. He was born on the Connemara pony ridges, but he has been in the USA for @ 100 years. (DOB: 1876) He is a "guardian". A protector by nature. is a daemon of antiquity. (DOB:?) Ageless, nameless, and feral. (But you got to call him something; we usually call him the Sleeper.) He has no use of the past, and thus has little more than a short term memory. (Making him very unreliable.)
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Hakuyama is the White Mountain.
We chose to use Japanese because of the descriptive nature of the language,
it's easy pronunciation,
and not to mention it's distant removal from our roots.

We are part of the Natural World. We are each a type of fae, but because of our shared lineage and current similarities, we call ourselves Elves.
We all have got pointy ears!
You would be surprised at the number of "magical" beings that have resurfaced in the Mundane World.